Low Friction
Team Check-ins

You trust your team to manage their own workload - right? But you still need to know what they have been doing? You could go all-in with daily time sheets but that does not really fit with the culture of trust that you are trying to create.

SixTokens is a lightweight way to keep up with what everyone is doing.

Each day, at a time of your choosing, each member of your team will get an email asking them to account for their time as well as three simple, optional, questions - Highs, Lows and Need to Knows

Why six tokens ?

Each day, you trust your team to get on with their responsibilities. How they spend their time can be represented by six tokens. They can decide which bucket gets their tokens. One bucket could get all six, or they could split them 3+3, 2+2+2, 1+5, 2+4 etc.

Buckets for all the things

Create buckets to accumulate tokens. Click on the bucket to add a token. Each user can arrange the buckets into an order that makes sense to them or automatically order them by most frequently or most recently used.

A Seventh Token ?

We all know that some days require an extra level of effort - going over and above. Your colleagues can use their seventh token if they think they have had a really intense or extended day. The use of the seventh token can be used as a monitor to make sure that team workload is balanced and that you are aware of stress levels.

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Low Friction Team Check-ins

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